Don't Stop Now

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Matt Davenport

4/10/20241 min read

MacBook Pro near white open book
MacBook Pro near white open book

The question comes up quite often, "How do I get this done?" You get it done by persevering. Literally the hardest part of life as an accomplished writer will be the persistence needed to finish your book. One hit wonders are beautiful, but the true writer will publish for the rest of their lives. Is that you?

There are many, many people out there in the world that will be happy with one book. But if you have that fire in you, it doesn't go away with one book. It continues to burn. Sometimes day and night.

The real key is not pushing it aside until you have time. That will get you nowhere! I realize the hard fact is that until you are getting paid to write, it can be difficult to stay on top of it. I have had that experience, too! But that is when you gotta make a choice.