What does it mean to be a writer? Is there a difference between being a writer and being an author? Is it possible to actually be paid to write?

There are a thousand questions that you may be asking when it comes to writing. Whether you're passionate about it or just trying to get your point made, writing can become a part of you.

One thing that might answer several of your questions is to ask yourself why you write. What most long term writers have to accept and place central in their careers is that writing must be done for the sake of the writing.

As you explore the different possibilities and needs in your work, you will see many avenues that make your book or blog or essay better that will cost you something. And not always money.

fountain pen on black lined paper
fountain pen on black lined paper

For instance, every good writer accepts the fact that they need an editor. A person should never be their own editor. Your work needs to be intimately experienced and seen through the eyes of someone not attached to the storyline or teaching. This is your editor's job. And one of the biggest, most difficult things you will have to pay is the cost of editing. Of that cost, the price of allowing someone else to scissor a few things here and there from your lines and prose will seem to be the most expensive of all the publishing costs.

But to put your best foot forward, it is literally the most important part other than the writing itself.

But this page is about writing.

The options you can choose from on the drop down pages (which are linked here) are as follows:

- Assisted Writing
- Blogs & Periodicals
- Ghost Writing

Each of these pages describe the process in detail. Each have their own purposes and benefits. And it really depends on what it is that you need done.

If this is your first book or first time needing help, please take a moment and connect with us from here. We will do our best to answer your questions and give you honest advice.

a person writing on a piece of paper with a pen
a person writing on a piece of paper with a pen