The following explains the standards and purpose, the practices and the work we are willing to do for our clients. There are no exceptions to these rules. Before you contact us and request any services (regardless of what it may be), you must agree to these guidelines or we simply will not respond.

Sapphire Arts Publishing and its employees, owners, agents, etc., are henceforth, for the expressed purpose of this article and all described here on this page and any further adjustments (so deemed without notification to any party without exception) will be referred to as SAP for both legal and reference purposes.

SAP, its employees, and any connected persons or entities, will not work with, assist, promote, or in any way become associated with the following:

Pornographic web companies, real companies, or anything that has any level of association or connection to pornography or the promotion thereof. Any company, person, contractor, agreements of any sort, or employee that misrepresents us in any fashion that has to do with pornography, or the promotion of pornography will be immediately terminated and become subject to a law suit for liability and misrepresentation at the highest levels possible. We will zealously seek reparations in the court system.

Pornography, in this case, is defined as any visual/image/video, or written description that refers to any form of sexual acts or nudity. Even at the lowest reference. At any point, SAP has the right to determine what constitutes pornography and what does not. This includes anything that might not be thought of within the scope of standard understanding. In other words, what we define as “too much skin” may not be defined as such by others. For the sake of our services, this is to be determined by SAP and the entities within its leadership and their understanding. There are no exceptions to this standard.

In addition to the standard on pornography, any work related to sexuality in nature will undergo strict a guideline scrutiny. If the site has any reference to homosexual or LGBTQ+ in the form of promotional action, there will be an immediate termination of our association.

By our most rigorous procedures, we adhere to Biblical Standards and anything contrary to those standards will be refused or cease immediately upon discovery.

Other Promotions
The above descriptions also apply to the following:

  • Any form of medication and/or drug, and drug paraphernalia regardless of its purpose or origins. Exceptions to this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Any form of illegal activities deemed so by the US Federal government. This will also be determined for errors in the US Federal government’s choices and decided upon by the SAP owners and leadership.

  • Any unsanctioned form of religion. Again, this will be determined individually what is sanctioned and what is not.

  • Any topic that will lead to or has been determined ahead of time, abuse through verbal means or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, language that is offensive in nature, jokes or ridicule that have sexual vulgarity or ambiguities.

Our standards are baseline for business, religious, individual, and ministerial web design. If your desires do not fall into these categories and you understand our standards, feel free to contact us.

However, as mentioned, SAP has the right to refuse any work and any association, regardless of whether or not we have described such above. Each potential client is evaluated and determined as to whether or not we go forward with them. In your connecting with us, you agree to this fact. If you do not agree with our standards, you may freely choose a different company.

Understand, you must agree to our standards before you contact us. We will not respond to any contact that refuses to accept and abide by our standards.

In contacting us and accepting our terms, you also accept that we have the right to choose to or not to respond. We have the right to take you as a client or refuse. Regardless of your personal rights as a citizen, we will always reserve the right as a citizen to refuse you and your needs as a client.

The action of contacting us (which is a matter of digital record) affirms that you understand these rights and responsibilities. And that you accept no matter the circumstances that if we choose to refuse you as a client, you have given up any right to litigate.

While it is true, we are successful when we are working and building for our clients, we are at our best when our standards remain in process to glorify God above everything else. That includes success financially. We hope you understand these standards and appreciate them instead of being angered by them.

Sapphire Arts Publishing (SAP) is a subsidiary of Sapphire Arts, LLC.

Standards & Practices

AKA, the legal stuff...